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With its woom Now, the Austrian manufacturer of bikes for children and teens is launching an urban lifestyle bike that is as eye-catching as it is unique: the new woom is a lightweight and fully loaded bike with a new take on frame architecture and packed with special features. In a nod to the world of bike messengers, the woom Now combines an integrated front rack with a small front wheel. This feature is not only stylish but also makes for a safe and stable ride when carrying loads.

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Race Eleven

The Race Eleven is a unique electric folding scooter which combines design and style of Red Bull Racing cars with the knowledge in the electric mobility world. With outstanding design, battery and motor, it grants high performances for daily commute, city ride or off-roading. It features great suspensions and sturdy wheels, ensuring durability, power and comfort. With specialized technology, this Red Bull Racing electric scooter can be completely folded to be carried anywhere.

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As a light-weighted field utility scooter for teenagers, it outshines conventional gasoline off-road vehicles in security and lightness. Its whole weight is 48 kg, and the battery module weighs 6 kg, which can be replaced in two minutes. Its three-gear speed mode and complex gear shift structure avoid misoperation and enhance driving safety, facilitating the acquisition of driving skills.

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Superstrata is the world's first customized unibody bicycle frame 3D-printed from carbon fiber composite. The Superstrata bike frame touts a unibody construction that is free of joints and bolts, which improves not only the strength but also adds aesthetic to the bike. Each frame can also be custom 3D printed based on the owner's body measurements and riding preferences, meaning it is unique to each rider. The design is further accentuated by the unconventional absence of a seat tube, placing Superstrata in a place of its own.

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Scotsman is the world's first fully connected, all carbon fiber scooter. Most existing scooters suffer multiple trade offs: power comes at the cost of bulk, while easy portability often correlates with weak power and short range. Scotsman is designed to overcome such compromises. The frame is 3D printed in a single pass from thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, a proprietary recipe that results in a strong yet lightweight and aesthetically pleasing structure. Complete with smart features, Scotsman represents a new category leader for premium, stylish, and eco-friendly transportation.

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M346 Homage

Intended in two configurations, an all electric and a mid-engine V8, the M346 Homage is a bespoke track and road, 2-seater, super sportive car design project proposal that looks for inspiration in the Aermacchi M-346, the fastest Italian fighter aircraft ever built to date, to bring together lightweight composites and aerospace aluminum construction in addition to advanced aerodynamic concepts in an elegant silhouette with very sleek automotive proportions and quite unique design features and solutions.

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